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Real estate and loans with large capital movements.

We always try to support people to they can have a job and an adequate financial condition. Our team with great knowledge and experience will help you with "housing and employment" quickly and easily.
In particular, we have foreign employees through whom we can support different nationalities using native languages ​​such as Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, English, etc.
We always seek to collaborate with foreign workers to find different solutions for each problem and overcome them.

Contract Procedures

Corporate CEO message

We, Bright Co., Ltd., together with the YAMADA HOLDINGS group, acquired a real estate subsidiary (YAMADA FUDOSAN) in February 2020 starting our activities as YAMADA FUDOSAN HANDA.

We have noticed the large increase in foreigners looking for an opportunity to get a property in Japan.
Currently, due to the great demand for human resources that accompanies the globalization of companies, and the growing number of foreigners working in Japanese companies.

Due to the long years of migration process of foreign families to Japan, nowadays we reach foreign immigrants of 3 and 4 generations. Most of these families tend to dream of a better future and conquer the dream property of their own.

We are here to help definitively consolidate the dream of immigrants in Japan to have a permanent residence.
In this context, many clients come to consult us about the purchase of the property of their dreams.

At first, the language barrier and cultural differences with foreigners created difficulties. However, with each new person who comes to us, we remind ourselves of the importance of "mutual respect". From the point of view of a foreigner living in Japan, there are feelings of difficulty about living and working in a foreign land without knowing or mastering the language and culture.

However, this is Japan. We must live by Japanese rules. If we cooperate and support each other, with our excellent team, and maintain "mutual respect", we will quickly resolve any issues.
And thanks to that effort, we've been able to reach hundreds of properties sold in about two years since our founding.

We are ready to face great challenges together creating a solid and trusting alliance.
Preparing a better future, our team will continue to work to build a wonderfull future for everyone.
Welcome everyone to Bright Co., Ltd. and real estate company YAMADA FUDOSAN HANDA.

corporate CEO
Tomohiro Kosaka


Business introduction

Real estate

We value in real estate brokerage the careful research of the real estate rights that we manage and carry out stable transactions for sellers and buyers. If the person responsible does not understand or respect the needs and economic situation of the other person, this can lead to very unpleasant situations for all parties involved.
Only by providing quality information and real estate to our clients can we build a trusting alliance.

In addition, in real estate transactions, if the client does not have much knowledge, wisdom and experience, it can cause inappropriate values ​​and prices, interrupting or not building the property, or even causing serious losses, often irreversible.

Many people hear or think that the real estate industry has higher commissions and unit prices than other industries such as the service industries, financial industries or distribution industries. There are many reasons for this kind of thinking.

First of all, we highlight the fact that the price of the property itself is high and, unlike in other sectors, where the customer buys or uses services several times, in the real estate sector the use is made only once at the time of purchase.
Taking into account the value of the property and the responsibility required for it, the one-time fee will inevitably be more expensive. In addition, in the case of real estate sales and brokerage, large amounts are involved, so errors are inadmissible in this type of procedure.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that each and every realtor must have a firm conscience, a broad, deep knowledge and mental strength to resolve any adverse situation.

Therefore, always look for a trained professional and a reputable company.
Do not hesitate to contact us.




With the number of unemployed and foreign workers increasing these days, what we felt through the real estate sector was the need for "people who are concerned about work". Witnessing the current situation, we want to provide an improved environment. For this reason, we obtained the commercial worker dispatch license (CONTRACTOR) and started our work as an employer and service provider from 2022!

It is important to note that we can provide our own intermediation system that connects people to companies.
First, we carry out a skills diagnosis according to each individual's personal experience, in order to direct these skills to our affiliated companies. This cooperates so that each person can work in a better environment, and enjoy a reliable and stable work system.
Of course, we are always working in cooperation with companies and employees so that we can provide maximum support and provide an enabling environment for both.

We will work together to create a solid, stable and comfortable future for you and your entire family.

Main business

  • Real estate transaction business

  • Land purchase and sale

  • Design and proposal of bespoke houses

  • Real estate consulting business

  • Insurance Agency

  • Rent

  • Home Removal Company

  • Worker Dispatch Business

  • Reforms in general

  • Residential construction and land development

  • Real estate financing consultation

  • Business Financial planning

  • Nursing home, elderly care

Company Profile

Company NameBright
Representative's NameTomohiro Kosaka
Established / Since2019/6/10
Aichi-ken Handa-shi honmachi 1-1 2F
Google Map
Phone number0569-89-6050
Free Dial0120-92-0677
Cell phones and PHS are also available. (Excluding some IP phones, etc.)
License Number<Real estate transaction business>
Aichi-ken Real Estate License(1) No. 24211

<Worker Dispatch Business>
section 23 - 303932

<Paid employment placement business>
23 - ユ - 302621
Commercial Content・Real estate transaction business
・Land purchase and sale
・Reforms in general
・Design and proposal of bespoke houses
・Residential construction and land development
・Real estate consulting business
・Real estate financing consultation
・Insurance Agency
・Business Financial planning
・Nursing home, elderly care
・Home Removal Company
Other Management CompaniesCONSULAB
BankMUFG Bank, Ltd.
Hekikai Shinkin Bank
Handa Shinkin Bank
Japan Agricultural Cooperatives
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Tokai Labour Bank
Japan Post Bank
ORIX Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Ltd.
Main CustomerYamada Denki Group Companies
Arenest One Co., Ltd.
ID HOME Co., Ltd.
Iida Home Max Co., Ltd.
Reprice Co., Ltd.
Aioi Nissay Insurance
Home position Co.Ltd
First Juken Co., Ltd. 
Tama Home Co., Ltd. 
LIXIL Co., Ltd.
TOTO Co., Ltd.
Nagoya Oceans Indoor Soccer School
GK Service Center limited liability
3K service center
Affiliated Lawyer・Judicial scrivenerKamiya Akira Law Office
Judicial Scrivener Mizutani Office

Team Presentation


Recruitment Information

You would like to challenge your knowledge by seeking to broaden your horizons in a new work perspective
where it is not constrained by the market or ancient ideologies?
No matter how many times you fail, the important thing is to always get back up and move forward, never give up,
for people with grit, victory will be certain.
Our goal is to create an environment where you can be supported with safety and respect,
providing everyone with a healthy and happy environment.

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Nagoya Oceans Futsal School

BRIGHT supports Nagoya Oceans!!

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